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OFFER for members only

Post by klaustepper » Mon 2. Mar 2009, 09:52

The DETA announcment for ECTM "light version" from Feb 26th 2009 FOR MMIG46 MEMBERS ONLY

We have been discussing this internally and agree with you that ECTM fee for a privately operated Jetprop or Meridian flying only a few hour a year need to be looked at.

We are therefore going to be offering MMIG46 members that operate privately and less than 150 hrs a “light version” of our ECTM service and a price reduction.
The new annually price for ECTM Light will be EUR 720 plus the P&WC WebECTM portal fee of USD 200 (EUR 157 with the current USD/EUR rate)
This will be effective from the next invoicing period

I will be contacting Mr. Wilhelm Schröer to let him know about this to inform the other MMIG46 members we have on our service.
As per your recommendations the ECTM reports will be issued twice a year for the ECTM Light and four times a year for the ECTM Standard subscription
These report can be used for planning future maintenance task and also as supporting documentation for on-condition HSI interval scheduling.
For clarification please note that we are not only doing analysis of your trend data two/four times a year. A thorough analysis I being done every time we receive trend data from you. In case there is a problem detected an ECTM notification will be send to you immediately.
To be able to use the ECTM program as a proactive maintenance tool, that can lower maintenance an operational cost of your P&WC engine, it’s recommended that you send us your trend data at a regular interval preferable every 5-7 flight.
I hope this is in line with what you have been seeking and If so please let me know and I will be sending you a revised contract. Please also note that the future invoicing will be annually.

I would at the same time like to thank you for your valuable input for this issue, and not just terminating the contract.

With kind regards / Med venlig hilsen
Mads Jensen
Phone: +45 9678 2000
Fax: +45 9678 2001
DETA Danish Engine Trend Analyzing
P&WC Designated Analysis Center

Engine Condition Trend Monitoring performed
on P&WC turboprop and fan engines.

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